Hauskonzert mit Anandita Basu

Hauskonzert in der Anubhab Academy mit Anandita Basu und Debasish Bhattacharjee

Samstag, 05.08.2023
Beginn: 20Uhr

Eintritt: 17 € / 12 € erm.

Anandita Basu, a recognised name in Sahaja music, Sufi and qawwali music from Kolkata, India, started to learn Indian Classical music at the age of 4 with her mother and Guru, Professor Anjana Basu.
Anandita has been a dedicated student, learning various art forms from great masters of dance, music and percussion. She holds a degree in sociology, and has received the Sangeet Prabhakar and Sangeet Visharad degrees in Music and Tabla, and upon completing her degrees she started working for different international institutions and organisations with the purpose of promoting Indian music and culture all over the world.
Her performances and recordings have been featured in many media and concerts, receiving great recognition for the uniqueness with which the complete peace and joy of self-connection is expressed while she sings.





Aug 05 2023




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